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Using our non traditional yet tried and true method

of movement pattern breakdown, we teach: 

Conventional Lifting

Olympic Weightlifting

Basic Calisthenics

Gymnastic Skills

Ring Skills

Hanging & Climbing


Personalised Warm Up

Mobility Work

Breath Work

Our group program will be personalised to accommodate: 

Individual Skill Levels

Movement Restrictions

Injuries / Illness Past & Present

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Our caring coaches thrive

on improving your health for life!

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 Owner & Head Coach 

As a child Missy had trained intensively in the sport of gymnastics which left her with significant injuries and mobility restrictions along with an unhealthy relationship with food. Missy’s journey back to health began at the age of 26 when she had finally had enough of suffering daily pain, the inability to move freely and struggling with the additional 35kgs she had gained since finishing gymnastics. She was depressed and knew it was time to reconnect with movement. The many twists and turns in the long and ongoing path Missy has navigated to get back to optimal health puts her in good stead to understand the needs of her local community experiencing an array of different challenges in life.  ​​ ​


After a long stint in the corporate world, her passion for movement grew and she began a formal education process along with taking on coaching rolls. She worked for several years at both Crossfit and large chain gyms before taking the leap into business ownership.


Since opening The Gym in August 2016, Missy has continued to develop her coaching method that allows those with minimal training experience to master the most technical of skills. She is also passionate about retraining those who may have been self-taught or had limited technical coaching.


Missy prides herself on the nurturing environment she has curated at The Gym. She often receives messages from x-members on the other side of the world thanking her for teaching them so thoroughly and wishing they were able to find a similar gym in their new area. She is an advocate for change in the industry in the hope that more small local gyms with high quality coaching and care for the members will become the consumers’ number one choice.


ASCA Level 1, Level 2 State Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach 2015, Level 1 Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach 2015, Level I CrossFit Trainer, Certificate IV in Fitness, Certificate III in Fitness, Level 7 Gymnast, First Aid, CPR, Defibrillation

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"I guess I'm pretty different to the usual gym owner. Most of them have never experienced what its like to go from athlete to obesity and back again. I understand that 6 week transformation challenges and training without a focus on strength and technique are gimmicks that will only confuse and prolong the problem. A life long commitment to movement (with a high focus on quality), strength and nutrition is the key. My personal experiences mean I have the tools to educate and assist others to make changes for life no matter the goal."


Owner, The Gym St Leonards


Our community of unique individuals can be found in St Leonards, located in Sydney's north. We have amazing humans from all walks of life, with the desire to lead a more functionally active life. Through training at The Gym, many of our members have been able to reach and surpass all matters of health and fitness goals. ​ You’ll find no shortage of new friends and training mates to call your own. Our members train side by side, encouraging each other to move better, get stronger and live healthier. It gives us no greater joy than to see our members thrive in and out of the gym.


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